The WeChat Team has just released WeChat version 6.6 for iOS and it contains two feature enhancements:

  1. Notes in Favorites can be saved as an image, making it easier to share them to Moments or chats
  2. After recalling a message, just tap a link to quickly edit the recalled message


1. Notes in Favorites can be saved as an image, making it easier to share them to Moments or chats

WeChat has made it easier for you to share the notes that you’ve saved to Favorites to Moments and chats. Now you can tap the upper-right corner menu and select “Save as Image” to save your entire note as a single image. Post the entire image as a Moments post or to a chat.

Alternatively, now you can choose to share the note directly to Moments. From the upper-right corner menu select  “Share on Moments” and your note will be shared to your friends.

2. After recalling a message, just tap a link to quickly edit the recalled message

Sent a message with a typo? Recall the message, reuse the old content to edit your message and send! When you recall a message in version 6.6, a Re-edit link will appear next to “You’ve recalled a message”. When you tap on the Re-edit link, the message input box will contain the recalled text. Now you can easily modify your original message to correct the typo and send again.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of WeChat on iOS today.


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WeChat’s most recent release (v.6.5.22) includes key new features and improvements to make your WeChat experience on iOS devices even better:

  • Compatibility with iPhone X
  • Set a reminder to a chat message
  • New dual-column design for iPad
  • Enhanced Notes in Favorites
  • Improved chat history search experience (China)
  • Generate your own Reward Code (China)

Be sure to upgrade today!


Compatibility with iPhone X


WeChat has been updated to support Apple’s latest release, iPhone X. In addition to a visual design suitable for the unique screen design on iPhone X, additional features include support for Face ID to verify your transactions when using WeChat Pay and an improved design for system notifications when receiving messages on iPhone X.  



Set a ‘Reminder’ to alert yourself later of a chat message


Have you been receiving important messages that you haven’t been able to reply to because you’re too busy? We value your time and, so we now provide an option to remind yourself of an important message that you would like to review at a later time. With “Reminders,” you will be able to set an exact date and time to receive the notification. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Long-press on a message bubble
  2. Select ‘Reminders’ and choose a date and time to be reminded for this message
  3. Tap “Set Reminder”

You will be sent a Notification about the message and can view the reminder within  “Service Messages.”


A whole new design for iPad including a dual-column layout


We have improved the design for iPad for WeChat by adopting a dual column layout. This provides users with an even more convenient way to use WeChat with the iPad’s bigger screen, enhancing the WeChat Lifestyle user experience. The Discover & Moments sections are also laid out on a dual column design, improving usability.


Enhanced Notes in Favorites


We have made two major enhancements to notes in Favorites. First, you can now create bulleted and numbered lists as well as add checkboxes when you’re creating a shopping or to-do list. Second, we’ve added a “Sticky on Top” option to allow you to place a banner at the top of your chat list screen so you have easy and convenient access to important notes.

  • With the new ability to format Notes with bulleted and numbered lists, you will be able to organize your Notes in more readable format as seen below.

  • With the “Sticky on Top” option, you can revisit your notes more easily and update it as and when needed directly from the chat list screen.



Enhanced Chat History Search for Payment Transactions (China)


We’ve been working hard to improve the search experience for our users. With that in mind, we have introduced an additional option in the Chat History to filter searches to just WeChat pay transactions.  With this new ”Transaction” option under “Search History,” you will be able to view all payment transactions performed within a single chat.


Generate your own Reward Code (China)


WeChat Pay users can now generate their own Reward Code and present it to other WeChat users to receive a monetary tip from them.

Here’s how to create a Reward Code:

  1. Tap the “+” menu on the chat list screen
  2. Select “Money”
  3. Select “Reward Code”
  4. Tap “Enable Reward Code”

This creates a special QR code specifically for you that other users can scan in order to easily send you a tip safely and anonymously. You can further customize your reward code by entering six different reward amounts.


The Reward Code is currently only available to WeChat Pay users within China, and is great whether you are a streetside performer or you’re a restaurant waiter seeking a safe and easy way to receive tips.


Source: Official Wechat Blog

wechat marketing in australia

We are proud to be featured in the  November 2017 edition of the Australia China Business Review. We discussed the importance of WeChat in the Chinese marketing system and how Australian businesses can take advantage of the massive opportunities in this new category frontier to capture significant market share of Chinese consumer attention, in China and also the Chinese in Australia.

Read the full article at

In celebration of the final day of China’s extended National Day holiday, the WeChat team presents our “WeChat National Day Holiday Data Report”: Which cities had the most people traveling abroad? What were the most popular destinations abroad for tourists this year?


China’s National Day extended holiday has become the most popular period for Chinese tourists to travel each year, and in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the travel industry and in travel to regions and countries abroad.


Let’s take a look together at this year’s data.


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Summer is here! It’s the perfect time to meet new friends and make sure you stay connected, even during your world travels.

  1. Within a chat conversation, tap the Avatar icon on the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select your contact adding method:  “Friend Radar,” “Join Private Group,” or “Scan QR Code”


Friend Radar
Meeting a lot of cool new people, but don’t have time to add all of them? Friend Radar lets you quickly add friends within your vicinity. It saves you time and skips the one-by-one adding!

friend radar full

Join Private Group
Whether you’re near or far, you can create private groups with WeChat by setting a four-digit code. Your friends can enter in the code to join the group and continue the conversation.

join private group


Scan QR Code

Open the WeChat scanner, scan a friend’s QR code within the frame, and add a friend within seconds. You can also prompt up your QR code to be scanned by others.

QR Code

These are just a few quick tips to add new connections over the summer: adding nearby friends with the Friend Radar, joining a Private Group with a secret code, scanning friends’ QR codes, and more.


Stay connected and keep chatting!

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WeRun Leaderboard (1)

As the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to get active with the help of our fitness Official Account, WeRun.


By enabling WeRun, you can track your daily step count and see how close you are to reaching your fitness goals. If friendly competition helps motivate you, you can see how you stack up with friends who also follow the Official Account on your personalized leaderboard.


No matter how you rank, you’ll be able to like your friends’ steps, share your results to Chats, and even post them on Moments. As an added incentive, if you finish first on the leaderboard by the end of the day, you’ll be able to set the cover photo on all your friends’ leaderboards!


If you already use a fitness tracker, WeRun can also be paired with select wearable fitness devices.


How to Activate WeRun

WeRun Setup (1)

  1. Search for the Official Account “ID: WeRun-WeChat”
  2. Select “Enable”
  3. With your permission, link your device’s health app to WeRun
  4. “Invite Friends” and start running! 

See how fun fitness can be with the WeRun, exclusively on WeChat!


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Did you know you can edit images within WeChat from your photo album before sharing to your Moments timeline or chat conversations? Just update your app to the latest version of WeChat 6.5.5 for iOS or WeChat 6.5.4 for Android, then follow the steps below to start customizing your pictures! 


Moments TimelineBasketball_WeChat

  1. In your Moments timeline, tap the Camera icon in the upper righthand corner
  2. Choose a photo from your photo album
  3. Select “Edit” or “Preview” to draw, add text, stickers, and more
  4. Hit “Send”


Chat ConversationsPark_WeChat

  1. Within a chat conversation, tap the “+” menu and select “Photos” or “Album”
  2. Choose a photo from your photo album
  3. Select “Edit” or “Preview” to draw, add text, stickers, and more
  4. Hit “Send”


Upgrade to WeChat 6.5.5 for iOS or WeChat 6.5.4 for Android today and start sharing your own customized photos with friends!


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WeChat aims to connect users to the people they care about around the world. One of the most popular times to connect and call loved ones is during the holidays. This Lunar New Year, users made 2.1 billion minutes of free calls on WeChat – five times more than the previous year.


A total of 46 billion red packets were also exchanged during this Spring Festival holiday.


Learn more about how WeChat users celebrated the holiday in the data report below created by the WeChat team.


2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-02 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-03 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-04 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-05 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-06 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-07 2017微信春节数据报告_170203_EN-08

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy “Year of the Rooster”!

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We recently unveiled our “2016 WeChat Data Report” at the 2017 WeChat Workshop Pro Edition event in China. What’s new with the WeChat lifestyle this year? Let’s take a look at a few data points:

1 Intro2 Overall 3 Messages 4 VOIP 5 Moments 6 Travel 7 Red Packets 8 End

Finally, let’s listen to some of our senior citizen WeChat users to see what important words they have to share with us.



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