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Ignite Search is home to the Australia’s leading team of Chinese social media experts. Our team live and breathe Weibo, Wechat and other popular Chinese social media platforms. We offer an unrivalled level of service and expertise, and our social media team are all based in the Australia.

The Best Chinese Social Media Platforms

The Chinese social media ecosystem is very large; however there are 2 social media platforms that absoltuely stand out, that you should be of aware of. They are: Weibo and Wechat, which combined have a total over 1 billion accounts.


1.24 Billion Accounts


500 Million Accounts


700 Million Accounts

Little Red Book

200 Million Accounts

Our Client’s Content has seen by



We have a team of social media kung fu masters at Ignite China. They are all native Chinese speakers, who are trained by us and work in the Australia to ensure we maintain the high level of quality content that we are well known for.


What We Do

Account Management

Running a successful KOL campaign starts with the right strategy. That means understanding intimately what you, the client, is looking to achieve. Once we understand the project brief, we can then set out to find KOLs that are not only the most effective and suitable to the campaign. Thanks to our deep relationships, we have access to all the top KOLs in Australia, as well as most of all large KOLs in mainland China.


Knowledge is power, and we use all the analytical goodness we can muster to optimise everything we do for you, and also furnish you with a detailed report about your account and the market.


Building loyalty and promoting your brand requires more than just pushing content, which is why our social media team will handle all of your engagement activities and give you a voice on Chinese social media.


Social media has a huge impact on your brand image and can greatly influence a consumers buying decision, so with this in mind we will help you define your social media strategy and make your social media…more social.

Content Creation

Our social media team are at the very heartbeat of current and upcoming social media trends, and we can take the hassle away from having to constantly think up new viral content, becuase we can do this for you.


We want to help you achieve your goals, making your goals our goals. We use this to measure and analyse the work we do for you.

Social Media is Not Only About Sharing

Creating new engaging content is a tall order for anyone, and that’s exactly what we do for you. We create new innovative content to build awareness and drive more traffic to your brand, we cultivate social conversations, and help you promote your brand, services and products.

Social Media is About Connecting

Having a Weibo or Wechat account gives you the chance to connect with your fans in a way that helps establish your brand presence and build those lifelong relationships.

Our team helps you do this, we are used to dealing with hundreds of questions from fans on a weekly basis, and we take pride in the level of service we provide because we want to represent your brand at the highest levels.

Be Present on the Right Chinese Social Media Platforms

It’s important to know what kind of content should be posted on what platform and how your Weibo or Wechat fans will receive this information.